Yogi Bare XL Yoga Mat Bundle & Aromatherapy Set – Essential Yoga Kit to Build Strength and Technique – XL Black Paws Mat

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  • EXTRA LONG & EXTRA WIDE FOR MEN – Large Yoga Mat with an increased length and width that make its perfectly suited for men or taller yogis. More space makes it easier to practice yoga poses and asanas, making this a fantastic mat for beginners.
  • EXTREME NON SLIP GRIP – Yoga Mat with an extra firm perforated rubber surface that stops sweaty hands and feet from slipping during yoga practice. Better grip means better support compared to a foam yoga mat. IDEAL FOR: Bikram / Hot Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and other low-intensity exercises. Not suitable for HILT training or vigorous exercises.
  • BODY ALIGNMENT & POSITION GUIDELINES – The central line design works as a guide to make sure you have yourself in the correct position, with hands and feet in the boxes at the end. Useful for mastering your yoga poses and perfect for beginners who are just starting to practice Yoga.
  • ECO FRIENDLY YOGA BRAND – We pride ourselves on providing Yoga mats and accessories that are kinder to the planet. We use only natural plant based dyes and laser etch our design to avoid any toxic inks. The yoga mat is made using biodegradable natural rubber from Pará rubber trees (may not be suitable for latex allergies).
  • XL SPACE WITH 1/6 INCH THICKNESS – The PAWS mat measures 84″ x 27″ providing a huge space for you to practice your poses. The 1/6 inch thickness means it’s comfortable to lie on but thin enough to roll up and carry with you to the gym or yoga studio. WEIGHT: 7.5 lbs. EASY TO CLEAN – Simply wipe with lemon juice diluted in warm water to clean.

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